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GHRP-2 5mg Peptide Australia

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GHRP-2  5mg (powder vial) is an injectable peptide in the category of growth hormone releasing peptides,

Being a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS), it binds to the growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R), which results in an increased natural secretion of growth hormone (GH) from the anterior pituitary gland.

GHRP-2 also works by suppressing the release of somatostatin, which is also called a growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH). As the somatostatin levels fall, the negative feedback system won’t remain intact, and growth hormone (GH) levels would spike substantially.

GHRP-2 is a potential agonist of the GHRP-2. As GHRP-2 works by activating the naturally occurring endogenous ligand ghrelin, it greatly stimulates appetite and hunger. Ghrelin activation also supplements the further release of growth hormone (GH).

GHRP-2 also seems to slightly increase the serum levels of hormones such as prolactin, ACTH, and cortisol.

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